Restorative Justice

at post-sentencing level supporting and protecting victims

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Restorative Justice – A European and Schleswig-Holsteinian Perspective

9/10 February 2011 at Kiel

University of Applied Sciences

Audi-Max/Mehrzweckgebäude, Sokratesplatz 3, 24149 Kiel


Program 9. February 2011

09.30-11.00   Word of welcome by the Schleswig-Holsteinian Association for Social Responsibility in Criminal Justice, Victim and Offender Treatment, Jo Tein
9m 58s
Restorative Justice – A Future Model for Schleswig-Holstein?
Minister of Justice Schleswig-Holstein, Emil Schmalfuß
8m 49s
Welcoming Speech by the Vice President of Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Michael Klauser
3m 28s

Opening: The Breakup of Dichotomy between Offender and Victimpowerpoint_logo
President of the Schleswig-Holsteinian Association for Social Responsibility
in Criminal Justice, Victim and Offender Treatment, Prof. Dr. Heribert Ostendorf

Part 1   part 2 part 3
total: 45 m 52s

11.00-11.15  Coffee Break

11.15-12.00  Introduction to Restorative Justice: Concept, Ideas and Impedimentspowerpoint_logo
Project Goals and Conference Guiding Principles,
Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Otmar Hagemann

Part 1   part 2 part 3
total: 57 m 33s

12.00-13.00 Lunch Break

13.00-14.45  Status Quo: RJ from the Perspective of the Project Partners

powerpoint_logoVictim-Offender-Mediation Working Group Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Gabriela Stibbe

Part 1   part 2
total: 23m 14s

Thames Valley Probation, England, Geoff Emerson
Part 1   part 2
total: 32m 20s

Baltic Institute of Crime Prevention and Social Rehab., Estonia, Avo Üpruspowerpoint_logo

19m 14s

powerpoint_logoJustice Services of Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Hungary, Dr. Edit Törzs

Part 1   part 2
total: 31m 12s

14.45-15.15  The Implementation of RJ in Belgian Youth Law

Leuven Institute of Criminology (LINC), Belgium,  Prof. em. Dr. Lode Walgravepowerpoint_logo

Part 1   part 2 part 3
total: 39 m 13s

15.15-15.45 Coffee Break

15.45-17.00 Panel Discussion

Prof. em. Dr. Lode Walgrave , Ministerialdirigent Johannes Sandmann (MJGI), OStA Ralph Döpper (Staatsanwaltschaft Itzehoe), RiAG Tim Feicke (AG Elmshorn)
Moderation: Burkhard Plemper

Part 1   part 2

total: 32m 48s

Closing Words


Program 10. February 2011

9.00-12.00 Working Groups (English)

1. Working Group, Wolfgang Gottschalk
Methodological approach to RJ – which methods are there and which are suitable for whom?
2. Working Group, Prof. Dr. Gaby Temme
The cooperation between justice and social work regarding measures of RJ.
Input: Family-Group Conferencing from the Police Perspective
Sven Hansen (Police Elmshorn)
3. Working Group, Jaanus Kangur
Post-sentencing RJ-methods.
Input: Victim-Offender Mediation in German Prisons
Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann (Victim-Offender-Mediation Bremen)
Acting Manager Institute Of Police and Security Research Bremen

4. Working Group, Geoff Emerson
Societal, juridical and political acceptance of RJ-methods?

12.00-13.30 Lunch Break

13.30-15.30 Closing Plenary
Presentation of Working Group Conclusions and Objectives
Closing Words

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00-17.00 Internal Project Partner Meeting




With the financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibilty of "Schleswig-Holsteinischer Verband für soziale Strafrechtpflege; Straffälligen- und Opferhilfe e.V" and can in no way be taken to refect the views of the European Commission.