Restorative Justice

at post-sentencing level supporting and protecting victims

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Victim-offender mediation and the role of the prosecutor.

(Translation of Abstract: M. Lourdes Fernandez Manzano - Spanish version)

Remei Soriano

From the perspective of a small prosecutor’s office I will explain how we gained the knowledge of the victim-offender mediation (VOM) of adults, the decision to participate in the experience and practical actions taken. I will also make references to the current legal situation regarding the possibility of applying or not the criterion of opportunity by the prosecutor, and the future possibilities regarding VOM including advantages and disadvantages.

Remei Soriano Campos is a member of the Spaniard Prosecutor’s Office. Since 1985 has worked in Barcelona. In 2008 was designated Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Terrassa region, which includes two judicial districts (Terrassa and Rubi) and integrates 12 prosecutors.


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